Principal Work Fields

  • Drive train, fuel consumption, emission, vibration:
    Since 30 years we habe been simulating road vehicles to optimize the drive train. All technologies like combustion engines, gas turbines, electric motor, hybrids, were taken into account.  

  • Real Time regulation of test rigs for drivelines:
    Transforming the real driving conditions to a test rig is performed by winEVA. Such results are much more realistic than simple step-cycles and help to shorten the develop process of a drive train.  

  • Structure Analysis and calculation of new types of vehicle components using FEA , MBA methods and fatigue life predictions:
    Computational component analysis helps to find from a lot of possible solutions that one which fits best. For this Finite Element Analysis and Multi Boody Analysis is used.

  • Fatigue Life design for customers in the field of automotive, wind-turbines, military industry:
    We help our customers using our software (not only) in the first steps. So we get an overview about a wide range  of applications.

  • Traffic flow analysis and simulation, measuring traffic by use of special equipped vehicles:
    Traffic conditions are important for the driving cycles which influence emissions, fuel consumption and fatigue. Three measurement cars are available for data logging. A computer model of traffic on highways additonally allows to generate speed cycles without measurement.

  • Software: winADAM, winEVA and winLIFE:
    Beside of development and distribution of the software we use it for our own projects.