Drive Line Simulation with winEVA

(EDV-Programm zur Verbrauchs- und FahrleistungsAnalyse)

Goal of the software winEVA is, to simulate the driveline and to predict fuel consumption, fatigue life and emissions. winEVA creates a multi body system for the driveline and solves the equations of equilibrium. Realistic drive cycles and topographie coming from measurement can be used. A comparison of measurement results and siumulation shows a good correlation.
winEVA is used by leading German manufacturers in the automotive and military industry. Most parts of the software winEVA are only in German language available. Some output graphics and output prints are avialable additionally in English language.You will find some papers which show more datails of the winEVA capabilities by clicking on PUBLICATIONS in the menu of our homepage. It was used for the development of the 7-speed-automatic gearbox in a Mercedes S-500.