Fatigue Life analysis

For many new customers of winLIFE we do the first steps in a pilot project. A typical problem of the customer is solved together with him. The project is done step by step to teach the customer, give him an understanding and make a documentation. All data are stored on the computer of the customer to deal with a template for future projects on his own. This common work leads also to a personal contact and this is a good base for future collaboration.

Examples for such projects are:

  • Fatigue analysis of weldings of cranes and proposals for improvements
  • Fatigue analysis of a Fahrwerk of military vehicles and proposals for their improvements
  • Analysis of the measurement results of strain gages to define a typical load spectrum
  • Life analsyis of gear components and calculating of equivalent driving tracks
  • Life analsyis of components of windturbines according to certification standards
  • Life time of truck tires while thermal misuse
  • Improvement of constant speed joints by material modification 
  • fatigue analysis of needle bearings while swinging considering the changing hardness in distance from the surface