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Changes/enhancements to

-Unit conversion for data import from FE:
So far, it has always been assumed that the units in the Fe file are available for the stress MPa and the coordinates in mm. This has caused problems with FE programs where it was not rue. Now you can specify a conversin factor for the stress and the coordinates. The file created for WinLIFE *. LST is then generated with the units required by WinLIFE (MPa and mm). The original FE results file is not changed.

-Weld seam display for curved surfaces:
For curved surfaces, the normal unit vector can no longer be completely in the curved surface.
In the case of strongly curved surfaces, this can also have a negative effect on the result. The permissible deviation of the position
of the normal unit vector now can be entered by the user. States that are not plausible are no more displayed in the result visualisation.
With a large number of weld seams on curved surfaces, the visualization is improved, because incorrect results are hidden and thus the search for the hot spots is simplified.

-For LST files, the tripod can now also be displayed to identify the weld orientation.

-Fixed error reading from FEA (the stresses were shown about 3% too low!)

-Missing links to winLIFE help were added

-In the menu of the FKM module, the display is now updated immediately when the load ratio is entered (e.g. alternating r =-1, swelling r = 0)

-During extrapolation, the rainflow limits are no longer rounded


For users who have licensed the FKM module, a patch is available in the download area. If the FKM module is not licensed, there is no need for action.
The patch fixes an error in the super position of the utilisation ratio in the case of steel material. For q = 0 the hypothesis was applied incorrectly (GEH and NH).
The patch fixes this issue.

All customers with a valid maintenance contract will receive an email with the new password in the next days. You should thendownload and install WinLIFE. We are happy to support you by phone. We offer a video introduction to which you will receive an invitation in the next few days. The most important innovations can be found here.

Not quite above the clouds but with a view of the Alps, the two-day seminar was held in the rooms and together with the company FunctionBay in the central tower in Munich on 14 and 15 June. The participants from Austria and Germany were given an insight into the interesting topic and were able to work with Recurdyn and WinLIFE examples from the field of chassis and engine construction. Due to the positive feedback from the participants, we will include this seminar in our regular program. Repetition in November as part of the WinLIFE seminars.

From now you can use a classification matrix together with a Container Project. If you want to do so send us a message and you will get a patch file. 

Reading speed of huge finite element models with solid elements was increased remarkably and a patch is avaialble.
If you want to receive the patch please send us a message and you will get a link for download. This patch will be included in the next winLIFE update which will be release at the end of April 2018.

In May you will have the opportunity to take part in the following trainings:

Power User: Tuesday, 15.05.2018

GEARWHEEL&BEARING: Wednesday, 16.05.2018




We offer our successful winLIFE Semianrs also in the new year.

In March 2018 we start with:

BASIC:Tuesday, 06.03.2018
MULTIAXIAL: Wednesday, 07.03.2018
FKM:Thursday, 08.03.2018

winLIFE 4.0 2017 is now available for download. Customers with maintenance contract will receive the password necessary for the use by email next days.


Release Notes


The last three seminars were held again with great success. The following seminars will take place in November:

Basic: Tuesday, 07th of November

Multiaxial: Wednesday, 08th of November