Our 3 products

winADAM Since the foundation of our transfer centre in 1982, we have been involved in the development and application of tools for the design of vehicle drives. This has resulted in a data acquisition system (winADAM=Automated DAta collection in Mobile Applicatons) that we use worldwide to determine vehicle operating conditions.

winEVA On the basis of the measured operating data, computer simulations are carried out which result in a forecast of fuel consumption, emissions and fatigue life (winEVA=EDV programmes for consumption, and mileage analysis).

Advances in computer technology and the associated increase in computing speed make it possible to control powertrain test rigs to simulate real driving cycles. Real-time control of up to 4000 Hz is now possible, so that even highly dynamic phenomena can be mapped on the test rig. winEVA is used by leading car manufacturers and suppliers.

winLIFE The fatigue life and reliability of components is a very important goal in automotive engineering and the easy application of fatigue life calculation methods was and is an important development goal. Therefore, the product winLIFE (Fatigue Life Information Finite Elements) was developed, which enables the methods of fatigue life calculation in connection with finite elements. The simple data transfer from winADAM and winEVA shortens the development time. Calculation methods that have proven themselves in the automotive sector are also helpful in other areas, as the problems are similar. Thus, winLIFE is also used in the fields of aerospace, wind energy, power engineering, plant engineering, railway engineering and defence engineering.