winLIFE Seminars and Workshops

(in German Language, English on request)

FKM Guidelines 08.03.2018

The FKM Guideline has been issued by the German Forschungskuratorium Maschinenbau e.V. (FKM) for calculated durability proof for machine components and has become established as a quasi-standard. The aim of the seminar is to understand the FKM Guideline and be able to use it. The fatigue durability and the static strength verification for non-welded components are discussed with regard to the FKM Guideline. To make this clearer, examples from the FKM Guideline are re-calculated, mainly using the program winLIFE.

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BASIC Seminar 06.03.2018, 06.11.2018

To show fatigue life calculation of dynamically loaded components. This is done using the program winLIFE. However, the topics are general and can be also put to use without winLIFE.

We will discuss the theoretical basics of fatigue life analysis and calculate examples with winLIFE. This seminar is recommended for all new buyers of winLIFE and for all those who wish to work with computer-aided fatigue life calculation. There are enough PCs for all seminar participants to do the practical exercises.

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MULTIAXIAL Seminar 07.03.2018, 07.11.2018

Fatigue Life Calculation of dynamically loaded components under multiaxial loads.

The theoretical basics of multiaxial fatigue life analysis are covered and examples calculated with the program winLIFE.

For all the calculation examples carried out the results are given which enables the participants to check their results.

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POWER USER 15.05.2018

winLIFE is often used for very complex analyses where a large number of calculations are required. From version 3.0 onwards we have included very efficient software tools to reduce the required entries and speed up the processes. Parameter studies with a large number of projects can be realized simply .There are also powerful software tools for analyzing the results (partial load analysis, service factor, equivalent amplitude) which are helpful and provide the answers to complex questions with only a few mouse-clicks.

The aim of this workshop is to carry out very complex examples to show how processes can be optimized.

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Theoretical principles of gear wheel calculations. With the aid of the software ZAR1 (Hexagon) which is integrated into winLIFE, a calculation is done for a pair of gearwheels. This is followed by a fatigue life calculation based on a measured residence time collective. Tooth forces relating to the load and rpm are taken into account. The determining factors are discussed and variant calculations carried out. In a further step we show the treatment of planetary gears. The calculation of the gear teeth are carried out without finite elements.

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The methods of crack initiation calculation and stochastic analysis in winLIFE are new.

We want to show our customers the theories of these methods.

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