The VIEWER4WINLIFE (additional modul) simplifies the results presentation (stress and fatigue) with only a few mouse clicks inside the winlife GUI.

Alternatively you can view the results inside your pre-post processor but in this case you need to import/export the results from winLIFE. Depending on the pre-post processor you use this may need some more efford.

The selection can be made in the top right corner of the window (see diagram above). The selected dimensions are then shown graphically (see diagram below).

The integrated post processor VIEWER4WINLIFE is a module which you have to purchase additionally. 

Viewer showing results of the equivalent amplitude

The total component with the results are represented and you can select between

  • Damage sum 
  • Degree of utilisation 
  • Equivalent amplitude 
  • Safety factor against endurance limit 
  • Number of repetitions until failure

Furthermore you can 

  • Select a range of the component to be shown
  • Create a list of nodes which you can use in winLIFE for further analysis limited to the selected nodes.

The Viewer enables the user to carry out several parameter studies without leaving winLIFE. The condition is that the FE-model has not been changed.

As well, the Viewer enables a definition of groups of nodes and/or elements which can be used for the analysis or further calculations.

Viewer4winLIFE also supports in post-prozessors common actions.

The speed of visualization is accelerated in Viewer4winLIFE due to the creation of a file while the first reading in. This file enables a remarkably increased speed in case of repeated access.