winLIFE FKM QUICKCHECK is delivered with macros for FEMAP and is simple to use with FEMAP. Using the VIEWER4WINLIFE the Access to further FEA (ANSYS, Nx, ABAQUS) codes is possible. 


Proof according to FKM Guideline

The STATIC PROOF and the FATIGUE TEST (endurance strength and time endurance test)for non-welded components under proportional loading is carried out according to the FKM guideline using local stresses created with the aid of the FEM.  winLIFE FKM QUICKCHECK does not support the use of nominal stresses.

Access to FEM is possible if you have bought winLIFE FKM QUICKCHECK . If this is not the case, then the proof can only be carried out for one stress tensor entered by the user in the verification point.

This procedure can be seen in the following two diagrams:

Flowchart for the static proof according to FKM guideline
Flowchart for the fatigue endurance test according to FKM guideline

Proof of endurance for the non-proportional case

The certification for non-proportional loadings is not carried out according to the FKM guideline, but by considering a worst case possibility.  It was not possible to use the procedure stated in the FKM guideline convincingly, so a different method was used.