Insight into our fields of activity


Simulation of powertrain, fuel consumption, emissions and vibrations with winEVA

We have been simulating the powertrains of road vehicles for more than 30 years.

Drives with piston engines, gas turbines, electric motors with battery accumulators or fuel cells, hybrid drives etc. have been investigated.

The winEVA software package developed by us for this purpose covers all these topologies and is used as a powerful simulation tool with more than 100 licenses sold, primarily in the automotive industry.






Real-time control of test rigs with winEVA

Our software winEVA is used for real-time control of test rigs.

The online test bench control in winEVA allows realistic driving maneuvers under representative loads of the powertrain components to be specified and requirements of electrified drive systems to be taken into account.






Further development of pedelecs with winEVA

We support Aalen University in the further development of pedelecs.

Using our software winEVA we simulate the non-uniformity of the powertrain torque of the pedals and implement typical electric engine control and driver shift behaviour of a pedelec in winEVA. The measured data of various pedelec rides are used as the route.





Fatigue life analysis with winLIFE

By means of computational prediction, we analyse the fatigue life of various components from vehicles to wind turbines.

We design and calculate novel vehicle components using FE methods and life cycle prediction. Structural analyses with regard to fatigue life are carried out with FEM and MBS systems in order to find the optimal one from the multitude of possibilities.

For these services we have developed the software tool winLIFE, which is successfully used by our customers.

We advise and support our customers from the purchase of the software winLIFE to the realization of their projects. We also examine questions of damage analysis.


Transfer award of the Steinbeis Foundation

The Steinbeis Foundation Transfer Award - Löhn Award - is given for outstanding projects and achievements in entrepreneurial knowledge and technology transfer.

Together with our project partner, Mercedes Benz AG in Stuttgart, we received the award for our innovative and future-oriented software development in the field of Real-time control of passenger car powertrain test benches for realistic vehicle testing.